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Craft’d Themed Trivia Nights

We specialize in themed trivia events for taprooms and cater to the unique interests of your customers.

Our Hosts utilize quizzing technology that is changing the way people approach trivia events. Players submit answers directly through their smartphones or tablets, allowing for a fast-paced game and assuring it’s virtually impossible to cheat.

In addition to providing a Host and technology to run your trivia night, Craft’d provides resources for your team to effectively promote the events using social media, email and taproom marketing.


Q.  What makes Craft’d Company’s trivia events unique?

A.  We focus on creating specialized trivia events based on popular culture themes. We have also developed a large database of beer history questions to engage, educate and intrigue beer consumers. We do not use traditional trivia databases - all are created by our team. Secondly, we utilize a familiar technology, a smartphone or tablet, to drive all trivia games. Each team uses a single device to register responses to questions and receive information on all teams’ scores. By use of our own router which players are connected to, we don’t rely on the brewery’s WiFi network. This approach evens the playing field for all teams by reducing the prospect of using cell phones to obtain answers to trivia questions.

Q. Who will host the trivia nights?

A. Craft’d Company provides experienced trivia Hosts for all events.

Q. Can we determine the themes for our trivia nights and tournaments?

A.  Yes. Our Team will work with you to determine the best topics reflecting your customers and their interests.

Q. What is the cost of hosting a weekly trivia night?

A. There is a base cost of $200 with a sliding scale based on the number of trivia players. This assures low risk for the brewery and significant upside revenue potential as the number of teams and players grow. Our team will demonstrate what your taproom receipts might look like with a combination of beer and food sales, to-go beer sales and brewery swag. Trivia nights will also introduce new customers to your brewery taproom.

Q. What technology is required to run a Craft’d Trivia event?

A. The host will bring a small router for all players to connect their smartphone or tablet to for trivia play. If your brewery has a speaker system and screen projection set-up, we’ll use this. Otherwise, we will bring our own microphone and speaker. Screen projection is not required.